Tuesday, 16 August 2011

After Day One of the Ride..

Well, don't know where to start?  The trip down was uneventful, except that my water tank sprung aleak and drained in the Valleyview Tim Hortons parking lot. Ernie, Ryan, Wanda and I got it fixed, strapped back in and filled. It is still dripping but will do. Got to Blairmore put Rio is his pen,watered,fed and settled for the night. Up early to get ready for the parade down the Mainstreet of Blairmore and then off on our first ride in the MOUNTAINS! Amber Marshall and her Mom rode with us and our guide for the day was Joe Trots, Yes, Mantrackers Terry Grant's sidekick for one episode and then 2 episodes so far with the new fellow.. I am not a Mantrack fan so don't know the fellows name.. This was a very scenic and LONG ride, up and down, Rio must of thought why am I here, this is too much work. But we made it back in one piece! Hopefully the pictures will follow.

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