Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Home from the "Wild Pink Yonder" ..

Sorry everyone for not posting during the ride.. Power helps to keep the computer charged and there was not power at most of the places we camped for the night. BUT, the ride was a success and I didn't have any saddle sores! Just a few bruises from moving panels and heavy oak plank gates so that our horses didn't escape during the night. I was lucky enough to have Kelli come and spend 13 days with me, she brought Darcy's holiday trailer, so I had showers and a good bed to sleep in. :)  Although the back seat of the truck was comfy for the first 3 days in The Crowsnest Pass. After I left some of the windows open for fresh air during the night. And after Kelli headed for home I think I spent a couple more nights in the truck and then Cheryl, one of the other Long Riders offered me the extra bed in her LQ's trailer. The nights were getting colder and colder, so we at least had the furnace.

I am glad that I made the decision to do the ride this year! It was awesome, no rain during our rides and some really beautiful country to ride through. We had some late nights, closed down the Community Centre and the Saloon in Longview. Were asked to be quiet in the camp ground as others where sleeping, so we moved the party to our holiday trailer!! The towns were wonderful to us, treated us like royalty and fed us like kings.. Some of the towns were pretty PINK.  I got to tour the pinkest of them, as I was picked to help judge for the "Pinkest Little Town in the West". This is still a secret until all the monies raised has been turned in by each Town. Then the final decision will be made in Oct.

Ok, now I am going to try and remember all the places and things that are memorible to me. Am going to add a few pictures too.

This was one of the mountains that we saw during our ride in the Crowsnest Pass.. Off to the right is what they called the Seven Sisters. This was my first time in the mountains and it was awesome. Scary at times but we didn't fall off any cliffs and to tell the truth, I always rode on the upside of the trails. :) Just for my piece of mind. LOL This was Day 1 of our trail ride with Joe Trotz, Mantracker's sidekick for a couple of episodes. He was great to ride with but he sure likes those long rides, 5 hours (18 km) for first ride in the mountains, everyone was played out when we got back. It was alot of up & down, steep trails and crossing creeks, which was very refreshing!!

 This was one of the banners that was hanging at the legion in Coleman. They had a wonderful supper of steak, baked potatoes, salads, buns and desserts for us.
 Hedi and Joe riding out front. We shared the trails with quads, motobikes and mountain bikers. The horses didn't seem to mind and no one fell over the edge. :)  This was the day that we rode with Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming from Heartland) and her Mom. Very nice people..
 This was one of the trails that we rode down and was steep. But beautiful scenery.

 Day 2
Another day in the mountains with Joe Trotz and Pete. It was Pete's land that we were riding on, so he came along to guide us. He was riding with sore ribs, know how he felt. :) This was a 6.5 hr (24 km) ride. Nice trails through the trees until we got above the treeline and then the view was great. Saw alot of the stuff that was left behind from the coal mines.
Joe took this picture of me with the mountains in the background. I like it!!

Just another view of Blairmore from the foothills.

At the watering hole.. Everyone drink up, it maybe awhile before we find another one.

Staf, Joe Trotz and Pete, our guides for Day 2.

Dustin, the Daley's grandson, did the 2 days with us, but hiked the whole thing.

 Day 3
Stopping for water.. 6 hrs. (28 km) This was a ride on a gravel road winding down from Hillcrest to a gravel pit were we had left our rigs. Loaded up there and headed to Castle River Rodeo Grounds for the night.
This was the 3rd day of riding. Chilly and sprinkled abit but no continuious rain. This is Darwin ponying Rio as my knees were so darn sore that I could hardly walk or stay in the saddle. I did ride more than half the trail.  Then I rode in the Daley's wagon the rest of the way to the gravel pit where our rigs were parked.

 Picture that I took when Kelli and I drove back from Pincher Creek. I could live down here and ride in the foothills everyday. :)
This is our campfire that we had on the gravel by the creek. I sure wish that we had a creek running through our place, it is so peaceful and the water was so clear, but COLD! We stayed up pretty late this night and enjoyed the laughs and drinks. 
This is the creek that we camped by on the McLean Ranch. This was the place were they filmed parts of "Unforgiven" with Clint Eastwood. Kelli has some other pictures and will post them when I get them..

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