Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Night Before We Leave!

Well I think that we are ready to go. Trailer packed, water tank full, fuel tank full, bed made in truck, suitcases are sitting by the door. Been a long day.. Had to take Rio up to the vet for his final check up and he is good to go! It is going to be awesome once we are on the road. Just have to stop and get his new shoes on. Hope he likes them. :)
Here is my truck and trailer, all hooked up and ready to go..

Here is my bed for the next few days, until Kelli meets us with the camper and the SHOWER!!
Kase wanted to know how I was sleeping in my truck.. So Kase this picture is for you. Gramma has her own bed, don't have to share with Grandpa, 3 dogs and some nights grandchildren, right Kase?

And not sure if I should show this one, but can the cooler and bathroom be in the same room? This is the only room that I have left. Port-a-potty and cooler with all the tack, feed and supplies for Rio. :)

Well that is it for tonight. Will post again tomorrow or maybe not, it might be real late by the time we get to Alberta Beach, get settled and into bed. Will get some pictures of Rio's new shoes though. Nighty-nite..

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