Thursday, 11 August 2011

First Day on the Road, Good and not So Good..

Well, we left High Level yesterday  (Aug. 10) at 10:30, made Grimshaw for 2:00, farrier showed up at 2:30, made shoes for Rio and put them on.. Left Grimshaw at 6:00 pm, stoppped in Valleyview to fuel up and a Timmies stop. Discovered that the rough road to Valleyview shook my water tank loose and broke the plastic fitting, as a result lost all my water in the Timmies parking lot mixed with a little horse urine and poop. :) Was hoping that they won't call Hazmat. LOL

Here is one of Rio's new shoes. He already had 3 on before I remembered to take pictures.

Here is them nailed on with the blue goop between the sole and pad. Rio wasn't too sure if he liked them or not, but after walking around for a while he decided that they would be ok.. :)

Back out to the horse trailer this morning to see what we need to do to fix the water tank and secure it better. Think we have it figured out. Now just to get it done and back on the road in the morning. Need to stop at Canadian Tire and buy some ratchet straps. Bought a poop fork and a bucket for hauling it away. Rio is in sad need of a bath. It poured rain at Carvel Corner during the night. He rolled in the mud, must have felt good. So I guess a good brushing is in order.

Going to have supper with Trent, Sarah and the kids at their campsite.

Hope tomorrow goes smoother and I get to Coleman in the daylight. Talk to you tomorrow night or the next night. 

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