Tuesday, 16 August 2011

After Day One of the Ride..

Well, don't know where to start?  The trip down was uneventful, except that my water tank sprung aleak and drained in the Valleyview Tim Hortons parking lot. Ernie, Ryan, Wanda and I got it fixed, strapped back in and filled. It is still dripping but will do. Got to Blairmore put Rio is his pen,watered,fed and settled for the night. Up early to get ready for the parade down the Mainstreet of Blairmore and then off on our first ride in the MOUNTAINS! Amber Marshall and her Mom rode with us and our guide for the day was Joe Trots, Yes, Mantrackers Terry Grant's sidekick for one episode and then 2 episodes so far with the new fellow.. I am not a Mantrack fan so don't know the fellows name.. This was a very scenic and LONG ride, up and down, Rio must of thought why am I here, this is too much work. But we made it back in one piece! Hopefully the pictures will follow.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

First Day on the Road, Good and not So Good..

Well, we left High Level yesterday  (Aug. 10) at 10:30, made Grimshaw for 2:00, farrier showed up at 2:30, made shoes for Rio and put them on.. Left Grimshaw at 6:00 pm, stoppped in Valleyview to fuel up and a Timmies stop. Discovered that the rough road to Valleyview shook my water tank loose and broke the plastic fitting, as a result lost all my water in the Timmies parking lot mixed with a little horse urine and poop. :) Was hoping that they won't call Hazmat. LOL

Here is one of Rio's new shoes. He already had 3 on before I remembered to take pictures.

Here is them nailed on with the blue goop between the sole and pad. Rio wasn't too sure if he liked them or not, but after walking around for a while he decided that they would be ok.. :)

Back out to the horse trailer this morning to see what we need to do to fix the water tank and secure it better. Think we have it figured out. Now just to get it done and back on the road in the morning. Need to stop at Canadian Tire and buy some ratchet straps. Bought a poop fork and a bucket for hauling it away. Rio is in sad need of a bath. It poured rain at Carvel Corner during the night. He rolled in the mud, must have felt good. So I guess a good brushing is in order.

Going to have supper with Trent, Sarah and the kids at their campsite.

Hope tomorrow goes smoother and I get to Coleman in the daylight. Talk to you tomorrow night or the next night. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Night Before We Leave!

Well I think that we are ready to go. Trailer packed, water tank full, fuel tank full, bed made in truck, suitcases are sitting by the door. Been a long day.. Had to take Rio up to the vet for his final check up and he is good to go! It is going to be awesome once we are on the road. Just have to stop and get his new shoes on. Hope he likes them. :)
Here is my truck and trailer, all hooked up and ready to go..

Here is my bed for the next few days, until Kelli meets us with the camper and the SHOWER!!
Kase wanted to know how I was sleeping in my truck.. So Kase this picture is for you. Gramma has her own bed, don't have to share with Grandpa, 3 dogs and some nights grandchildren, right Kase?

And not sure if I should show this one, but can the cooler and bathroom be in the same room? This is the only room that I have left. Port-a-potty and cooler with all the tack, feed and supplies for Rio. :)

Well that is it for tonight. Will post again tomorrow or maybe not, it might be real late by the time we get to Alberta Beach, get settled and into bed. Will get some pictures of Rio's new shoes though. Nighty-nite..

Monday, 1 August 2011

22 Days on the Trail to a Cure...

I am starting this blog to let you all know what we are up to on our 22 day Ride for a cure.. It is a ride for Breast Cancer that was started by a lady, Jane Hurl that was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.. This will be the 3 year for the ride and I decided to do it myself when I heard that another cousin was diagnosed in Feb. It seems that it may run in the family and I do not want my daughter, granddaughters, family members, friends and other acquaintances to be be told that they have this dreaded disease.

So Rio and I are leaving High Level on the 10th of Aug. We have to stop along the way as Rio needs to get some shoes :) so that he can make the whole trip without sore hooves. I will be spending that night in Stony Plain with family and Rio will be staying out at Alberta Beach.. Then on Thursday, we will make our trek down the QEll to The Crowsnest Pass where we will ride in the mountains for a couple of days.. First mountain ride and I am excited!! And other exciting news is that Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) from Heartland (horsey people know this TV show) will be riding with us also for a couple of days.. Hope she will let me have a picture taken with her.!! :)

I am going to try and post on here each day to let you all know where we are and what we have been doing.. It seems that the plans are all very exciting and we will be having a real good time all along the way.. Will start posting on the 10th and if I figure out how to post pictures there will be a few of them also.. See you all later.